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Thursday, 16 November 2006

Former champions – World and Russian

Alexander Roshal has many questions to Vishy Anand

Andrzej Filipowicz will referee the Tal Cup

Yury Balashov has come to the Tal Memorial for the first time

The checked is in style: Ruslan Ponomariov

...and Boris Gelfand

And Mamedyarov chooses a sweater

Solid and stable Ruslan Ponomariov

Dlugy and Vaisser are warming up for the blitz

Tkachiev and Sutovsky are among the Tal Cup Qualifier favorites

Vishy and Aruna enter the Central Chess House

The creative players’ encounter

Vishy is at the action station

The former President greets the former champion

Alexander Grischuk: being a target

The Russian players have no mercy to each other

How drastically has changed chess: from Schlechter to Mamedyarov!

Photos by Misha Savinov
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