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Judit Polgar: I want to rest from my children! Print E-mail
Friday, 17 November 2006

Judit Polgar, the world’s strongest female player and specially invited participant of the Tal Cup, appeared in the Central Chess House already in the evening. Our correspondent found her chatting with one of the co-winners of the classical tournament, Peter Leko, who was visibly happy to speak his native language. We could not miss a chance to ask Judit a couple of questions about the Tal Memorial.

Judit Polgar is in the Central Chess House

Judit, have you seen the games of the Tal Memorial?

Yes, some of the games. I didn’t have enough time to check all of them.

Are there any that impressed you?

One of them was Aronian’s victory against Shirov. The endgame is spectacular and unusual. But, again, I haven’t seen all the games, so I cannot decide about the best game of the tournament.

Did you support your compatriot in the competition?

Well, I have always considered chess as an individual sport (smiles).

Were there any players among the participants of the Memorial whose style you like?

Yes, of course. Aronian is an interesting player, Shirov was also very interesting to watch. Leko is more solid player. Generally I think Mamedyarov is incredibly interesting. Overall, there was a very good, well-selected and creative field.

What are your plans for this visit, apart from playing, of course?

I think I am going to rest, as I don’t have so much time with two children at home. They are staying now with my mother-in-law and my mother. Probably we are going to walk somewhere around as well…

Will you do any preparation for the blitz?

Nothing special; maybe I’ll look through some of my notes.

But will you play any warm-up games?

I played some already, however, I played another time control, 5 5, which is a little bit different. But I think I have to be in good form.

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